Land Management


     One of the best things we can do to preserve the land we utilize for farming is rotate the area we use as pasture to reduce compaction of the soil and over-browsing. This also allows the goats to eat further from the ground, where they can consume parasite larvae. Rotating the pasture area also helps to naturally replenish the soil that has become compacted by creating a system that evenly redistributes our biomass (manure) where the goats have been browsing, as the goats drop several pounds of manure daily.


     The goats are helping to reclaim some of our  property as pasture as it it was mostly overgrown with honeysuckle vine and briars. We do not use any herbicides, and are looking forward to planting comfrey and seasonal grasses, like Marshall Rye.

     Our efforts are focused on: 


     •Offering a lifestyle to our animals that supports their health naturally to the best of our abilities.


     •Practicing regenerative agriculture, in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the land and create a healthy environment for our farm, family, and community. 


• Use of biologically integrated systems to preserve our natural resources, maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and establish a self-reliant farmstead.



     We practice controlled breeding so we are able to accurately estimate a dam's due date and plan to be available to monitor the birth. Kids are dam-raised and maintain access to their mother's milk until they are naturally weaned, allowing them to bond with their mother and receive proper nutrition naturally. Does will be retained on the farm as we build our milking herd, and males born on the farm will be sold to farmers interested in building their herds, or anyone that can offer a loving home. 



"No-Kill" Policy


     We do not slaughter or sell our goats after they are no longer able to be utilized as a milker or breeder. Does and bucks will live out their; excess males born on the farm will be sold to farmers interested in building their herds, or anyone that can offer a loving forever home..



Pasture: On a sunny day our goats have access to pasture after the dew dries in the morning. 


Hay: free-choice access to a clean Georgia-grown fescue hay.


Grain: twice a day during milking our girls get a 20% protein premium dairy goat pellet with trace minerals.  This helps to promote optimum growth and dairy production.


Loose Minerals:  A mineral supplement is needed to assure the goats receive enough copper and selenium. We choose a loose mineral that the goats can easily lick up with their soft tongues. 


Water: We have fresh well water available at all times for our goats.

The goats enjoying some time in a new pasture area featuring goldenrod.

Goats love to eat on trees, shrubs, vines, and most otherwise unwanted plants. Bark, stems, and all.

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