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skyline dairy

The original "Skyline Farm" in Brasstown NC, Chicken Coop, 1951

     Here in Cherokee County we have the distinction of being in the Northernmost tip of the "Southern" agricultural zone. This gives us slightly more heat then the rest of Western NC. Fortunately, for our goats, the majority of our approximately 5 acres of pasture is wooded with a thick canopy of trees offering plenty of shade. The shade as well as our location at 1850ft on the ridgeline explains our pleasantly cool breeze and summer temperatures below the county average. Our goat living quarters are currently centered in the old "chicken coop". We used old raw wood from the creamery building to construct our goat stalls. In general, we practice using integrated biological systems that regenerate our natural resources on the property. For more information about our farming practices visit our Farming Practices page.


     We are working towards our goal producing a full line of rejuvenating farm-based cosmetics and soap. Visit our online store to check availability of our body care products, and our products page for more details. 

Skyline Farm 1951

Skyline Dairy 2017

     Starting in 2015, Chase Hudson--Skyline Dairy founder and North Carolina native--began researching and developing 

skincare formulas, with special interest in the nourishing properties of natural ingredients and raw milk


Skyline Dairy is located in Western North Carolina. The property was originally,

"Skyline Farm", a licensed cattle dairy that produced milk for a local creamery co-op in the 1950s.

The property is 11 acres, situated literally along the skyline, with a view Northeast towards The Smokies, Northwest to Tennessee, and South to Georgia and Brasstown Bald. We are currently revitalizing the existing structures to facilitate a commercial kitchen. We manage a small herd of Alpine and Nubian goats on the property to provide milk and help revitalize the about 5 acres of pasture that was densely overgrown with invasive plant species and native plants after decades of uninhibited growth.


     The Skyline Dairy starter herd was acquired from Sunrise Farm of Columbus, NC. Our beautiful Alpine and Nubian does represent great genetics which we hope to build on with quality breedings. The health and management of our goat friends is very important to us as they are cared for as genuine family members. They are given a natural lifestyle with an abundance of native plants and trees for browsing as they please throughout the day, as well as free-choice hay, and water. This makes them quite content, which is reflected in the richness and quality of their milk. We practice controlled browsing, to help naturally prevent parasitic infestation by keeping the goats from over-browsing, eating above 12 inches from the ground, safely above the level where parasite larvae concentrate. This enables us to only supplement feed with a chemical deworming agent in case of and emergency, keeping our milk chemical free.